Health Care Resources for Female Veterans

Between VA and TRICARE, female Veterans have access to all essential services. Standard primary care is covered: health evaluation and treatment, disease prevention, nutrition counselingsubstance abuse counseling, etc. Mental health assistance is available as well. Mood disorderspost-traumatic stress disorder, domestic violencesexual trauma, and post-deployment readjustment are some of the mental health issues that can be evaluated through VA care. TRICARE covers mental health services, though they define this coverage in terms of the method of assistance (acute inpatient careoutpatient mental health services, psychiatric residential treatment, emergency care, prescription drugs, and partial hospitalization) are all covered.

Beyond that, there are gender-specific services available. VA and TRICARE cover Pap smearsmammogramsbirth control, preconception counseling, Human Papillomavirus (HPV) vaccinepreconception counseling, and menopausal support. Specialty care includes reproductive health care: maternitytubal ligation, and others. Infertility treatment, while provided by VA, is limited through TRICARE (though it is covered if connected to a service-related injury or ailment). By law, VA centers are prohibited from providing abortion services and in-vitro fertilization, though TRICARE covers abortions under extreme circumstances.